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“We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.” — Carl Sagan, Cosmos (1980)


  1. Over the past twenty years or so, from time to time I have searched/googled the term “a world that works”, with varying results. This time I saw this website. FANTASTIC!

    To me A World that Works is and was the ONLY reason for est, WEA and Landmark. Not making more money, not being more “successful” – those things do not dignify the powerful work that I’ve experienced in those entities.

    Now we have come to a dangerous crossroads as humans, and that work is more relevant than ever.

    • Really appreciate the comment, especially in the context of completing the Success Seminar in North Jersey this spring. The conventional “success paradigm” is a big part of what has us trapped in our interpretations of striving and failure, and people wanting to “make more money.”

      At the same time, as part of negotiating these crossroads, we need to reform money and how we use it. We’ve been working on this for a number of years, trying experiments with creating credit, using complementary currencies, and innovating approaches to clean energy financing. We think people ought to have a minimum level of guaranteed security in order to dedicate their lives to social and environmental causes, and we try to do this by sharing approaches to sustainable living and right livelihood.

      We see the work of personal transformation as critical but not sufficient; what we need above all is the spread of Earth awareness, and a social and economic order that reflects that awareness at a minimum. Beyond that we seek to evolve what it means to be human, to continue to unfold and express what’s possible for us as a species.

      Thank you for enjoying the site, contributing to it, and challenging us. Happy to continue the dialog, and share our work if you find it useful.

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