Speaking to People’s Greatness

What’s interesting is to look back at Werner’s remarkable insights and see the compassion in the man—a man many regarded as the ultimate advocate of tough love.

This site is a tribute to Erhard, and to the organization which he created—and then let go of when his persona became an obstacle to its existence—for the extraordinary good that he and “the technology” he developed did for so many people. I can remember many thrilling and deeply moving instances where individuals in the Landmark Forum experienced profound breakthroughs, freeing themselves from the past and opening up to new possibilities for the future. In my case, it gave me access to an awareness of myself and of Victoria that has kept our relationship alive for nearly forty years.

For many years I held back from speaking and writing about the Forum, partly in response to the repeated warnings to treat every word and idea as proprietary, and partly out of concern that I could not do it justice on the printed page. The power of the Forum lies in the dynamic engagement with the listener in real time, the sudden a-hah that occurs when we see the truth about ourselves as revealed through the eyes of another.

In the end, I think Werner will be recognized for his remarkable contribution to ontology, the study of being: to its presence beyond words, which he nonetheless conjured up through a disciplined practice of interaction and conversation. He took his own advice to heart and dealt with people as if they were perfect, while giving space to allow them to let their garbage go.

Mary Morrissey and the Possibility of an Intelligent Universe

Reprinted from “Do We Live in an Intelligent Universe?Possible Planet, (2/11/2021)

The universe has been set up in an exquisitely specific way so that evolution could produce the people that are sitting here today and we could use our intelligence to talk about the universe. We see a formidable power in the ability to use our minds and the tools we’ve created to gather evidence, to use our inferential abilities to develop theories, to test the theories, and to understand the universe at increasingly precise levels. (Ray Kurzweil 11-05-02)

Mary Morrissey

Coming off the latest Mary Morrissey Dreambuilder Live[1] weekend has left me wanting to understand more about this question—since she asserts that there are forces, directionalities, frequencies, and vibrational levels that we can align ourselves with in order to have better results in the world.

These forces are invisible—like electricity is invisible. She states that there are natural laws, just like those of electricity, that apply to human affairs. Our understanding of these laws largely determines the outcomes we get in life; if we can decode these natural laws and align our actions with what “the Universe wants to happen through us,” we can use these forces to help us achieve our dreams.

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“A World that Works for No One”


Unless people of good will join in common cause to build a truly democratic world that works for all, we will find ourselves living in a world that works for no one. —David Korten (2000)

There is a sense in which we already find ourselves living in “a world that works for no one”: not the rich, and certainly not the poor; not the believer or the agnostic, not the Ph.D. or the high school drop-out, not the pop celebrity or the homeless veteran still suffering from PTSD. It’s not just that the rich are as depressed, confused, and cynical as the rest of us, which is certainly true in many cases; or that the world we live in seems to be unravelling in a dozen different ways, which has certainly been the case during all of our lifetimes. It’s that the world cannot work for anyone unless it at least begins to work for everyone.

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Building “A World that Works”

fuller1“A World that Works” is the central project of our time — and will indeed be that of any foreseeable future. Science has brought us enormous realms of understanding, but none more important than an awareness of our actual impact on the planet and its unsustainability. We may regard this as fact: our Earth, which is at this point our only habitat, is in the process of becoming increasingly inhospitable to life. Climate change, mass extinction, ocean acidification and the loss of biodiversity are each capable of becoming massive and in some cases overwhelming disruptors, each capable of passing a point of no return.

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