Committing to a World that Works

The people of the world know enough, now, about how the world could work for everyone, with no one and nothing left out. We just need to:

  • Align on a vision that includes everyone’s charter (motherhood and apple pie) with flexibility, always, openness to change/modification/transformation
  • Bring in the best minds that could, knowing humanity, create a plan to get us from here to there, including all aspects of our experience, today — and have it all integrated. there probably isn’t anything in nature that is really in conflict with something else in nature, there is just a natural order, which doesn’t include dog-eat-dog world — that is not true in nature). This plan includes sharing development of the plan in whatever way would make for a satisfied “public” — after all, that public would be paying for this smart group of people to figure it out and tell them what to do. If you do this, you will contribute to what we are planning. If you don’t do what we recommend, you are causing humanity to drag its feet in working toward a world that works for everyone.
  • We have our own version of “LinkedIn.” Our LnkedIn isn’t in competition with LI, which is a professional/business driven site. We are a world citizenry site. We are political, social, cultural multi, economic, arts integrated whole, working toward a world that works for everyone.
  • People buy our new currency. The thing that people are buying when they become subscribers of either one time or recurring gifts of any size they choose… they get the equivalent in our bucks. Which they can spend with any organization that accepts them. And in order for organizations to accept that money, there is not necessarily a fee to be listed on our site as accepting our dollars. The organization is providing what they promise for free. Organizations are fueling this currency by attracting the people they want to patronize them. They of course would not always provide product/service for free, but they would accept these dollars and these bucks would count toward their charitable giving. It’s a charitable donation of services from the vendor and paid in cash and getting a tax exemption is the buyer or subscriber or donor.
  • Our donors fund the creation of the strategic plan, and they are also like subscribers as in having paid for their education: webinars, TEDtalks, videos (all curated and original content), and ways to take and action, in teams, as volunteers as in Landmark. So, we use Landmark in terms of development alliance for language and behavior (of course, ours will be a little different, given the people who get this whole world possibility are a little left-oriented than the Landmark crowd, which is random according to the population…. well, socio-economically. So, we mobilize our volunteers to teach the public,), and we have to teach/experiential learning for people to “get it” about a world that works, really, and their commitment to it. Landmark is to relationships as EARTH is to our whole ecology. How to interact with every living thing, for the maximum good of the most people.
  • We will set up an Institute for a World That Works. It is an initiative of the Center for Regenerative Community Solutions. We’ll do another DBA, and perhaps, we will set up World That Works. The Federation for a World That Works. TFFAWTW.
  • The Federation, which it will become the government of the people, by the people and for the people, will be not like Landmark, but learn from it. there are also political organizations that can inform the culture — that take concerted aligned action in the world to produce results. The only results produced by Landmark is effective graduates in the world that contribute everywhere, but they aren’t working together out there in the world.
  • A new video game about the Federation: “The Federation Fights Back.”
  • Of course, we can do pilot projects which get funded by crowdfunding campaigns. So we break up our trajectory into “projects” that can be earmarked for people to choose what they are funding, since there are so many pilot projects that need to be done. So much research and planning, giving other experts and the public time to align behind it.
  • People actually elect people to represent their constituency at the table, and people fund the work of those people. So online, in separate communities that have to create a new way of managing one another in group or team action, and teams of teams, and teams of teams of teams (just like Landmark, with its Comm Curric, its Curriculum for Living, its Family Division, its ILs and TMLPs and Comm Course Leaders and Forum Leaders — that organization, which is self managing (they would take from everywhere to make the organization work better, I hope, vs. a bureaucracy that is trying to protect its territory, as in corporate America or in Japan, etc. Not internal competition but workability. Competing against yourself to win, to be considered the best, to be chosen by the people you will lead. So, a lot to learn from Landmark’s organization, if it is that way!!! And, we will improve and be broader, taking into account all the nooks and crannies of life on the planet.
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